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Stone fabrication is the art of creating unique, creative pieces out of a block of stone or similar type material. It involves carefully cutting, sanding, drilling, buffing, polishing, and other techniques to get the design and functionality you want from every piece of stone. Whether you’re in need of a set of small fabricated stone tiles that will come together to create a unique design or one a single, large stone marker, statue, or other item, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services

We’re here to be your one-stop stone fabrication experts. Our services run from the initial design discussion to the final etching, buffing, and polishing of the final product. Working with several contractors on the same project can lead to confusion along with extra work and expense for you.

By handling everything associated with your stone fabrication project, we take the stress off you. This also allows us to control the quality of the project at every stage so we can offer you only the best.

It Starts with Design

We begin every stone fabrication project by sitting down with you and talking about what you want and need. Sometimes, our clients know exactly what’s required, but if you don’t, that’s okay. This design meeting will help us get an idea of the challenges your project presents and the places where our team can stretch their artistic muscles and create something unique for you.

After the initial draft is complete, we’ll make a model for you and provide you with a firmer cost estimation. We’ll listen to your feedback and make certain that we have all of the information we need. We’ll make any required changes and get the next draft back to you quickly so you can approve it. We’ll also do any on-site measuring and scanning so we have the exact dimensions for the projects.

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

This part of the process may sound like a lot of back and forth with you, and for some projects, it will be. However, the design is the foundation of any stone fabrication work. Often, these projects are completely unique. In many cases, we’ve never done a project exactly like yours, so we want to make certain that we understand what it requires. If we skipped over this stage or didn’t spend as much time on it, the final stone piece may not meet your expectations or needs.

Our Tools

We make use of some of today’s most innovative and advanced stone fabrication tools, including CNC equipment, in order to cut, chisel, buff, etch, and otherwise transform stone into pieces of art. When we use this equipment alongside the traditional tools of a stonemason, we’re able to produce pieces quickly and affordably while still incorporating that handcrafted touch that people love. In short, this is why we’re unique, and it shows in every brick, stone, tile, statue, pedestal, and every other stone piece we create.

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