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LBM Stone and Fabrication began in Roberts, Wisconsin, in 2006 as a small masonry installation service. While we did high quality work, it wasn’t long before we realized that some of the product we were offering our clients wasn’t as well made as it should have been. The stone wasn’t cut quite as precisely as we’d like, and there were small things here and there that bothered us. We wanted to make certain our clients were getting the biggest return on their investment, and in some cases, the stone simply wasn’t what we wanted.

The only solution was to begin fabricating our own stone and metal products, and so we transitioned over to doing more than just installation. Today, we offer a wide range of fabrication services that include everything from design to etching. Since we control every part of the process, we can guarantee that everything is done to our high standards.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is to create the highest level of quality products possible while keeping the focus of every project on the design and creativity. The design of the project is the priority for us. If a project doesn’t start off with the perfect design that fits all of your needs, it won’t succeed. Some of our clients come to us with designs, while others need some design assistance. Either way, we’ll make certain your design is sound before we begin.

In the long run, our goal is to bring our clients unique and artistic stone and metal products that simply cannot be found anywhere else. To that end, we’ll work very closely with you so we understand exactly what it needs. This is especially true when it comes to more creative projects. We know you have an idea of what you want, and it’s our task to take that idea and make it a reality.

Our Philosophy
Our Methods

Our Methods

With over a dozen years of experience in the stone and metal installation and fabrication industry, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We’ve worked hard to learn from our early days so we can provide you with extraordinary work. Every project is a chance to expand our capabilities and grow.

One way we do this is by mixing old, traditional methods of stone and metalwork with new, computer-controlled tools. While there was certainly a learning curve for us, discovering how to combine these two methods lets us offer unique products that no one else can.

Traditional Methods

  • Create that unique handcrafted look and feel that simply can’t be replicated by machine.
  • Let our team express their creativity on every project.
  • May take a little longer, but in the long run, you can tell that every piece has been worked on by an artist.

Modern Methods

  • Cut down on the time it takes to produce complex products or multiple products that need to be identical.
  • Can cut some shapes and designs that are simply impossible for a person to do because they’re so complicated.
  • Are extremely precise and can perfectly create whatever design is uploaded to the machine.

Merging these two methods of fabrication is simply something no one else does, and it’s at the heart of the LBM Stone and Metal Fabrication difference.

Want to know more about us and our unique process? Give us a call at 612-490-1037 or email us at info@lbmstoneandfab.com.

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

This part of the process may sound like a lot of back and forth with you, and for some projects, it will be. However, the design is the foundation of any stone fabrication work. Often, these projects are completely unique. In many cases, we’ve never done a project exactly like yours, so we want to make certain that we understand what it requires. If we skipped over this stage or didn’t spend as much time on it, the final stone piece may not meet your expectations or needs.

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