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With more than a dozen years of experience in the stone and metal fabrication industry, LBM Stone and Fabrication is here to provide you with a wide variety of services in the industry. Based out of Roberts, WI, we focus on providing high quality products using our own stone and metal.

We provide custom stone and metal fabrication for a wide number of industries and individuals. Our unique products can be used in just about any location and for any purpose.

Unique Stone Fabrication

Stone fabrication is the art of creating unique, creative pieces out of a block of stone or similar type material. It involves carefully cutting, sanding, drilling, buffing, polishing, and other techniques to get the design and functionality you want from every piece of stone.
Unique Stone Fabrication
Incredible Metal Fabrication

Incredible Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication, unlike stone fabrication, is often more about creating a run of products that are all precisely, exactly the same. These items may be smaller pieces in a larger project or a stand-alone product.

Every one of our projects starts out with an initial design meeting. We want to understand your project and all of your needs so that we can create metal parts that meet every one of those needs. That begins with going over the initial design. If our understanding of that design is flawed, the model we create won’t meet your needs. That’s why we put so much importance on these design meetings.

How We Serve You

Our fabricated stone solutions can be used in residential homes for countertops, pavers, and decoration. Commercial businesses may also find our stone countertops are perfect for their needs. Others may want more decorative pieces. As always, if we haven’t made what you’re looking for before, we’ll work with you to create a unique item that fits all of your needs.

We use the latest in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabrication technology to create all of our stone and metal pieces. These devices are capable of precisely cutting and drilling materials in a way that no human can.

But a piece created by machine may lack that unique personal touch. Unlike some fabrication companies, we don’t rely solely on machinery. We blend the old with the new, adding handcrafted touches and using traditional approaches where necessary to create projects that are truly one of a kind. Our unique combination of old and new is something no one else is doing. The combination of the best classic approaches and the innovations of today provide us with the ability to create just about anything you can imagine.

Why Work with LBM Stone & Fab?

We’re one of the premiere metal and stone fabrication companies in the Roberts, WI area. When you choose to partner with LBM Stone and Fabrication, you’re choosing the best. We deliver the highest level of quality and authenticity on every project. You never have to worry about the quality or wonder if we’ll come through with something that fits all of your needs. We will every time.

Our team is made up of incredibly creative individuals who will take your ideas and translate them into reality. Whether you’ve got an idea of what you want or already have a fully-formed outline, we’ll create a final product that meets all of your requirements. In addition to design, we will also work with you to determine the right material for your project and the best method to produce your products.

Why Work with LBM Stone & Fab?

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