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Metal fabrication, unlike stone fabrication, is often more about creating a run of products that are all precisely, exactly the same. These items may be smaller pieces in a larger project or a stand-alone product. Either way, they have to be cut to your precise specifications, especially if they’re going to be used as pieces in a larger product. We understand this need and will work closely with you to create a run of metal pieces that provide the functionality you need while meeting your timetable and your budget.

What We Offer

As a full in-house metal fabrication provider, we aim to do it all for you. That way, you never have to work with multiple providers or explain your project needs and goals over and over. We’ll do everything from the early designs to the final buffs and cleanup on each project, no matter how large or small it is.
What We Offer
Creating the Perfect Design

Creating the Perfect Design

Every one of our projects starts out with an initial design meeting. We want to understand your project and all of your needs so that we can create metal parts that meet every one of those needs. That begins with going over the initial design. If our understanding of that design is flawed, the model we create won’t meet your needs. That’s why we put so much importance on these design meetings.

Don’t have a design? That’s not a problem. Our team can assist you with creating a draft design and a model from that design. You can then test this model to make certain it meets your expectations. If it does, great! We’ll begin the final fabrication process. If it doesn’t, we’ll work to address those areas where it failed.

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

This part of the process may sound like a lot of back and forth with you, and for some projects, it will be. However, the design is the foundation of any stone fabrication work. Often, these projects are completely unique. In many cases, we’ve never done a project exactly like yours, so we want to make certain that we understand what it requires. If we skipped over this stage or didn’t spend as much time on it, the final stone piece may not meet your expectations or needs.

Our Tools

We make use of the latest in computer-controlled equipment to design, manufacture, and finish all of our items. Here are just some of the different tools we have at our disposal:

Laser cutters: Our laser cutters make precise cuts through a wide variety of different types and thicknesses of metal. These cutters are capable of making incredible small, accurate cuts over and over, creating a run of perfectly identical parts.

Water jet cutters: Unlike laser cutters, a water jet cutter actually uses highly pressurized water to cut through metal. This technique is a better fit than laser cutting for materials that are sensitive to high heat.

Plasma Cutters: Plasma cutters provide us with another tool for cutting metals. These devices are fast, can work with a wide variety of materials, and are more cost-effective than other methods

In addition to using innovative technology, we also make use of more traditional approaches when necessary. Mixing these old and new methods allow us to insert creativity and artistry where necessary, creating unique products.

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