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Orono, MN

Stone & Metal Fabrication in
Orono, MN

LBM Stone & Fabrication is proud to offer stone & metal fabrication services in the Orono, MN area. Our stone fabrication can be used for many applications including countertops, pavers, and decoration. In addition, if you require metal fabrication, we can handle gates, railings, and other metal fabrication projects big and small.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality services. Our goal is to be the leading stone & metal fabricator in the Orono area.

If you live in Orono and are looking for top-notch stone & metal fabrication services from an experienced fabricator, then we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation.

About Orono

On the northern end of Lake Minnetonka sits the small city pf Orono. It bills itself as the “Lakeshore City” as it lies right along the shore.  Founded in 1889, lots of tourists flocked from all over the world to rest and have fun on Lake Minnetonka. In an effort to keep visitors coming to the area, an amusement park was built on Big Island in 1906. As a result, Orono was the perfect location for a residential community.

Today, with around 8,000 residents, Orono spans a 25 square miles and has an active local economy of small businesses. There’s also plenty of fun to be had with the public golf course and selection of public parks.

Stone & Metal Fabrication in Orono, MN

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